The Tecnoglass – ESWindows Foundation was created on July 18th, 2005 due to Tecnoglass and Energia Solar S.A.’s shareholders’ interest in collaborating with the management of social development projects and programs whose objective is help improve the quality of life of employees, their families, and the most vulnerable members of their communities.

This proposal intends to look after some of the fundamental needs of our employees and the community, especially children. Giving them access to education, medical treatment and a well-balanced, nutritious diet.


Support sustainable development and improve the quality of life of our employees, promote social development in the community by encouraging education, and health and social participation for the disadvantaged.


To be acknowledged as a development agent for social, educational, economical and cultural growth in our community, both locally and nationally.


  • Improve the quality of life for members of our business community, through our scholarships and household improvement programs.
  • Encourage education through scholarships and pedagogic activities.
  • Sponsor and promote cultural and sports activities that encourage the participation of children, teenagers, adults and seniors.
  • Enhance the development of young people with enriching activities for their educational and professional growth.
  • Promote good environmental practices that favor the improvement of the atmosphere and surroundings within the community.
  • Establish alliances and conventions with other foundations with similar principles in order to better accomplish our objectives.
  • Develop Health and Nutritional Care Brigades for the population, especially for children that are less fortunate.
  • Support sustainable development of the disadvantaged communities in Barranquilla.


Each administrative staff member voluntarily donates out of their salary a small amount of money destined to: sponsoring workers’ sons and daughters, home improvement, nutrition day and social work. This volunteering has no expiration date, so every employee is free to decide when to terminate the sponsorship, their contribution amount, and whether to increase or decrease the amount they donate.

With this contribution we make our workers, the community and our city happy.