We have a clear goal of improving continuously the quality of life and social development of our community and region, especially in the case of our neighbors from Las Flores. In 2007, an investment of 850 million was made for the channeling of 2 streams with 500 meters long each. As shown below.



With an investment of 800 million Pesos, in 2008 the Tecnoglass-ES Windows Foundation joined efforts with the Monomeros Foundation and the Barranquilla Archdioceses to build the “Santa María del Mar” church, a temple worth admiring by Las Flores neighborhood, which has been waiting for three decades to see this dream come true. With 465 square meters, excellent finishes and furnishings, the construction was completed, reinforcing the most important values such as respect, family, love, peaceful coexistence and solidarity with the environment.



As part of the celebration of the “YEAR OF THE FAITH”, proclaimed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to commemorate 50 years from the beginning of the Second Vatican Council, and 20 years from the promulgation of the Catechism of The Catholic Church, it was given to the Torcoroma parish a Christ image in “LED” lighting.

With this donation, we join the celebration of the joy of our faith.

  • Metallic cross in HR, 6mm plate, with the following measurements: 6 m long, 3.5 m wide, rusty finish, “LED” lighting.
  • Quantity: 2 crosses (one overlooking 50th Avenue, and the other one overlooking 51B Avenue), one in each side of the building.




Committed with the improvement of our surroundings, in 2010 the Tecnoglass-ES Windows Foundation, altogether with the Barranquilla Municipality and Argos Cements, built the roundabout located at Via 40 Avenue, investing 1400 million Pesos, submitted as described: Tecnoglass and Energía Solar granted 1000 million Pesos, Argos yielded the lot worth 250 million Pesos, 100 million in roads and 50 million in street signs. Also, the District granted 250 million Pesos, being this one the first of 7 roundabouts projected by the Transit Authority.

This project articulates Via 40 Av., Circunvalar Av. And the new road to La Playa Township, executed by the Atlantco’s Governor’s Office. In this roundabout were built approximately 3,693 square meters of roads, between ways and access ramps including 880 sq. meters of links and repairs, all in simple, reinforced MR 600 hydraulic concrete, with two (2) lanes of 3.85 meters each, and a berm of 1.4 meters for a total of 9.2 meters wide of roadway, plate thickness of an average 22 centimeters, 20 centimeters wide curbs, and an internal diameter of 50 meters. A total of 1495 vehicles of all axle sizes can circulate each hour.


The dividers, islands and roundabout or central garden comprise green spaces with an approximated area of 1900 sq. meters, plus the conditioning of sidewalks and adjacent areas as a recreational space for children. A perimeter security side rail was built in reinforced concrete with 148 meters long, as well as the street signaling, vertical and horizontal, all donated by the company Construseñales.

The project has an open network for rainwater collection, which will allow an immediate evacuation of rainwater. It will be collected by the internal roundabout channel, driving this stream to a bigger channel of approximately 140 ml and a section of 2.5 x 1 meters (free). All this connected to an already existing network built by Tecnoglass – Energía Solar that directs all the water flow to the swamp, back to the natural resource.

This endeavor provides a cleaner, healthier, contamination free environment for Las Flores Community Improving in 95% mobility for the industrial segment, Las Flores neighborhood and the roads that Merge at this point, such as Circunvalar, Via a La Playa and Via al Mar avenues.